Cohabitat Sweetfern Cohousing

Fun, tight-knit, sustainable multigenerational cohousing community in the City of Greater Sudbury.


Cohabitat Sweetfern Cohousing

Greater Sudbury Area’s cohousing community

Cohabitat Sweetfern Cohousing is a multigenerational cohousing group in the City of Greater Sudbury, Ontario committed to diversity. Their mission is to build a fun, tight-knit, sustainable and supportive neighbourhood of 15-35 households with both private and shared spaces. 

Cohabitat Sweetfern Cohousing is currently looking for new members who share their values.

For the past few-months the community has been working with Cohousing Options Canada to iron out details regarding the governance, ownership and financing. The group’s core values centre around environmental sustainability, social justice, diversity, community activism, clear communication, beautiful music, healthy local food, support of local business and the importance of sharing resources.


Watershed Guelph Cohousing Community
We have an amazing group of like-minded people that is determined to build their dream of living in a fun and supportive multi-generational and inclusive community. If you share our dream, get in touch with us
Monique Fuchs



The City of Greater Sudbury is geographically the largest city in Northern Ontario with the largest population (approx.165,000 in 2017). We are locally known as the City of Lakes, with 330 lakes within city limits, more than any other municipality in Canada. Ramsey Lake, within the city limits, has a great boardwalk for pleasant strolls, several sandy beaches for swimming in summer and a skating path in winter.


Becoming a member with Cohabitat Sweetfern Cohousing is a process of progressing through the various membership levels.

The membership level definitions are dependent on Sweetfern’s own journey to becoming a Cohousing Community in it’s own right. Follow the links below and learn more.


  • Membership development
  • Fundraising
  • Financial frameworks
  • Committee structure
  • Process & Decision Making
  • Communications & Community Engagement
  • Core group incorporation

The Legal Disclaimer

This article constitutes only non-binding and general information about the Cohabitat Sweetfern Cohousing project. The article does not provide specific information regarding, among other things, the use of available funds, specific information about the issuer, the issuer’s capital structure, issuer’s reporting obligations and resale restrictions. All prospective investors and members who wish to participate in a specific investment opportunity, if any, at a later date shall, as a condition precedent to their participation, be required to comply with applicable securities laws in Ontario, including signing a subscription agreement that includes investment and investor-specific terms and the investor risk-acknowledgment forms describing the risks associated with such investment.