Watershed Cohousing

A 6 unit heritage home retrofit and newbuild in Guelph’s most desired neighbourhood.


“All of us that are part of Watershed Cohousing are excited to build upon the solid foundation of love and beautiful architecture that is 360 Woolwich.  Together we are creating a healthy and sustainable home, while contributing to what makes this neighbourhood and Guelph an amazing place to live. ”

David McAuley


Guelph leads again with Watershed Cohousing

Watershed Cohousing is taking shape in Guelph’s most desirable neighbourhood, Exhibition Park. The project once completed will be Ontario’s second urban cohousing community though a number of other communities are in various stages of development around the province. The project was initiated two years ago by architect and future resident David McAuley and his wife Cynthia and now includes several families of the future six household community.

For the past few-months the community has been working with Cohousing Options Canada and Cornerstone CPA to iron out details regarding the governance, ownership and financing. The group’s core values centre around environmental sustainability, social justice, diversity, community activism, clear communication, beautiful music, healthy local food, support of local business and the importance of sharing resources.


Watershed Guelph Cohousing Community

The Site

The Watershed Cohousing site is located a block away from Exhibition park, riverside walking and bike trails, a cafe, bakery and a ten minute walk from downtown Guelph amenities including the main library, Bookshelf cinema, River Run Centre for performing arts, Youth Music Centre, shopping, pubs, restaurants, Old Quebec St. Mall, churches, farmers market, civic museum, schools and the Sleeman sports & event centre.

The Watershed Cohousing site is served by dedicated bike routes, the city’s main bus service, walking trails and the historic Exhibition Park.

GO Train, Greyhound and GO Bus service is a 15 minute walk away and there is a car share space at Exhibition Park.

There are 9 parking spaces on site with provision for EV’s, indoor secured bike park garage for 9 bikes plus visitor bike racks.

There is a mobility van parking space and covered wheelchair access to the building with elevator access to all floor levels above grade. 

Landscape plans include gardens on the south, east and west sides for edible native plants, shrubs and trees and vertical gardens across the balconies. There are several community gardens nearby.

Watershed Guelph Cohousing Community

The Building


Built in 1897 the heritage home located at 360 Woolwich along with the neighbouring property at 1 Mont St, that is currently being demolished, will include 5 new one bedroom plus den apartments of approximately 1000 sq ft, a sixth apartment of the same size on the second floor of the existing Woolwich building. 


Watershed Guelph Cohousing Community

The retrofit and new build is designed to be healthy, sustainable and energy efficient featuring Passive House and Net Zero criteria including increased thermal insulation, air-to-air heat pumps providing heating and air conditioning, energy recovery ventilators for fresh air, triple glazed windows on all sides for natural cross ventilation, solar gain and daylighting to all occupied rooms, thermal mass walls & floors, waste water heat recovery, roofs oriented to maximize photovoltaic panels. Healthy building criteria include natural materials and finishes, wiring for electromagnetic radiation mitigation and a quiet living environment.

Watershed Guelph Cohousing Community

Rainwater harvesting will provide for garden irrigation, toilet flushing and emergency water supply.

 Construction is non-combustible with block walls and concrete floors for durability, low maintenance, fire safety and long-lasting construction.

 Rock wool batt insulation and concrete construction provide high levels of sound separation both from exterior noise and between residential units.


Our Progress

Watershed Cohousing’s contractor is preparing the site and new construction is scheduled to begin in May with occupancy in April 2022. Community members were invited to visit at the property in March 2021.

To learn more about our progress please contact David McAuley at jdmcauley@outlook.com or call 519-362-0755.

The Legal Disclaimer

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