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Winslow Cohousing, Bainbridge Island, Washington © Kristopher Stevens, 2018 

Is Cohousing Right for You?

Join us for a 4-part series of learning, discovery and reflection.


There is no power greater than a community discovering what it cares about.

Margaret J. Wheatley

Turning to One Another


Is cohousing right for you?

Cohousing is a planned residential community (or neighbourhood) that combines private homes with shared indoor and outdoor spaces that are designed to support an active, interdependent community life.

Cohousing has a long history in Denmark and is becoming an established community model in the United States and right here in Canada.

Take our survey and answer questions that will help you think about whether or not Cohousing is right for you.

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Is Cohousing Right for You?

You are invited to join Cohousing Options Canada for a FOUR (4) part online workshop series of learning, discovery and reflection where you will find out: What cohousing is and how it maximizes privacy AND access to community.Whether cohousing could help you realize...

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