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We are a non-profit consultancy that shares your vision of living better, together

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We can help you live the life you deserve: happy, healthy and in community

What is Cohousing?

Cohousing is a custom-designed neighbourhood that fosters connectedness

Is Cohousing Right for You?

You are invited to join Cohousing Options Canada for a FOUR (4) part online workshop series of learning, discovery and reflection.


Is Cohousing for you?

Cohousing is a planned residential community (or neighbourhood) that combines private homes with shared indoor and outdoor spaces that are designed to support an active, interdependent community life. Cohousing has a long history in Denmark and is becoming an established community model in the United States and western Canada.

These questions will help you think about whether or not Cohousing is right for you.

Where is Cohousing happening?

* The total number of Danish households in 2018 was 2,687,572 x 8% = 215,005 households. All other countries were calculated using total cohousing projects as reported by their association multiplied by 25 household per project



Morning Cohousing & Coffee (Toronto)

Learn more about cohousing and find out if it is right for you.

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Is Cohousing Right for You? (Sudbury)

During this workshop take a deep interactive dive into what cohousing is all about.

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