Redside Dace Cohousing (Brampton, ON)

A vibrant, multi-generational cohousing community in Brampton.


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Redside Dace Cohousing (Brampton, ON)


Cohousing Options Canada is preparing to build a vibrant, multi-generational cohousing community in Brampton, where members live independently and enjoy meaningful social connections. The planned neighbourhood of 38 units will balance private homes with shared indoor and outdoor spaces that are designed to be accessible and support a healthy, joyful, and sustainable community life.

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Home Opportunities was founded by a group of dedicated professionals who strive to develop housing that is accessible to everyone and strengthens communities.

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Why Redside Dace Cohousing?

 The Redside Dace is a colourful redstriped minnow that is endangered and native to the the Lake Ontario Watershed. The stream running along the south side of the property is home to the Dace. As a ecologically minded cohousing community, we are committed to protecting the habitat during and after the development of our home, and to being good stewards of our land and our neighbouring wildlife.

Red Dace Cohousing Brampton

Our Values

  • Inclusive: We welcome individuals and families from all types of households and from all ethnicities, backgrounds and stages of life, who are committed to contributing to a connected, high functioning cohousing community.
  • Independent and Interdependent: We share our talents and resources and work together to co-care for one another, make decisions that best serve our 38 households, while enriching the broader community.
  • Community Centered Design: We have designed of our site, commons and homes, to make it easy for us (and our neighbours) to thrive and connect, maximizing accessibility to both privacy and community.
  • Sustainable: Our neighbourhood will be pedestrian centric, resilient and high performance, ensuring we can weather the risks and challenges arising from climate change, while keeping our maintenance, energy and water usage low.
  • Financially accessible: Our development team is making home ownership in our cohousing neighbourhood financially accessible! 50% of the units will be available to qualifying households with annual incomes between $35,000 and $85,000.

The Legal Disclaimer

This article constitutes only non-binding and general information about the Red Dace project. The article does not provide specific information regarding, among other things, the use of available funds, specific information about the issuer, the issuer’s capital structure, issuer’s reporting obligations and resale restrictions. All prospective investors and members who wish to participate in a specific investment opportunity, if any, at a later date shall, as a condition precedent to their participation, be required to comply with applicable securities laws in Ontario, including signing a subscription agreement that includes investment and investor-specific terms and the investor risk-acknowledgment forms describing the risks associated with such investment.