Is Cohousing Right for You?

Join Cohousing Options Canada for our 4 part online workshop series of learning, discovery and reflection where you will find out:

  • What it is like living in a cohousing neighbourhood.
  • What it takes financially and skillswise to develop and live in cohousing.
  • Whether it is right for you!

During the workshop you will have the opportunity to:

  • Reflect on your own drivers and how they relate to cohousing.
  • Learn and experience some of the skills used in cohousing groups.
  • Meet others interested in cohousing.
  • Meet people already living in cohousing.
  • Learn how to join a community as well as how to start your own.
  • Ask us anything.

The four modules will be hosted on Zoom from 7pm – 9pm EDT and are as follows:

  • Module 1: Personal Vision, Mission & Values
  • Module 2: Getting it Built
  • Module 3: Living in Community
  • Module 4: Hopes and Fears

Sessions will be recorded and circulated via private YouTube video (Google account required) along with handouts to all registered participants after each workshop.

Module 1: Personal Vision, Mission and Values

During the first webinar we will:

  • Get to know one another
  • Review the core cohousing concepts with Q&A for clarification
  • Reflect on personal visions of cohousing and what it might be like to live in cohousing
  • Co-develop a group vision of cohousing
  • Identify and discuss personal values and how they guide individual and group behaviour
  • Hear from cohousing community members about their forming and formed communities who will share their experience
  • Answer any questions with a short Q&A

    Module 2: Getting it Built

    During the second webinar we will:

    • Review the typical phases from group formation to move-in
    • Note what groups can do for themselves and where professionals are needed
    • Review
      • A high-level break down of the costs of development
      • An example budget
      • An example cash call
    • Provide an overview of incorporation and the transition from developer to resident
    • Introduce the site search process
    • Talk about financial readiness of members and the community
    • Answer any questions with a short Q&A

    Module 3: Living in Community

    During the third webinar we will:

    • Discuss challenging characters and situations
    • Explore inclusion, exclusion and who we would like in our community and why
    • Explore ways we might deal with challenges in community
    • Dig into the importance of group process and social dynamics
    • Introduce tools and skills that help foster healthy communications, conflict resolution, effective decision making, etc.
    • Discuss what you personally would like to change or keep if you lived in cohousing
    • Answer any questions with a short Q&A

    Module 4: Hopes and Fears

    During the fourth webinar we will:

    • Explore our hopes and fears about living in cohousing
    • Practice deep listening without evaluation
    • Explore ways to mitigate or address our fears
    • Discuss whether cohousing is a good fit (and why or why not)?
    • Review next steps for those interested in starting a community or in joining a formed or forming community
    • Answer any questions with a short Q&A


    The cost to attend is $75 per person or $100 per household*. Registration includes participation in the four webinar workshops, pre-workshop questionnaires, handouts and a certificate of completion.

    Space is limited to TWENTY FOUR (24) participants per series, so we encourage you to reserve your pass early. To be notified of spaces opening up or future events, add your name to our mailing list by sending an email to info@CohousingOptions.ca.

    *Please note that household registrants can include up to FOUR (4) adult/teen family members living in the same home. We recommend that each participant have access to their own computer, phone or tablet in order to participate in the breakout discussions. To access the discount code please use the code HOUSEHOLD if you are booking TWO (2) tickets. If you have more than two family members register two people and email us at alexander@CohousingOptions.ca or call 647-403-9048.


    For more information please contact Alexander Theodorakidis at alexander@cohousingoptions.ca or 647-403-9048.



    Cohousing Options Canada is a non-profit cohousing consultancy that assembles all the different ingredients needed to build happy, healthy and sustainable cohousing communities. We do everything to help you live the life you deserve: happy, healthy and in community with the people you like best.