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We offer workshops, training, advisory and project development services leveraging expertise provided by our in-house team and through collaboration with local partners and international experts and leaders in cohousing.

We can help you

  • Form a strong community, advise on and manage your outreach activities
  • Find and acquire a suitable site that corresponds to what your community envisions
  • Complete time intensive and meticulous tasks so you can focus on keeping the community together, e.g. project management and administration, the design and governance process, community outreach, member education etc.
  • Make cohousing financially more accessible with buyer friendly financing options through the community wealth fund

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Upcoming Workshops


“Is Cohousing Right for You?”

Cohousing Options Canada will be hosting our FOUR (4) part online workshop series of learning, discovery and reflection regularly through the year. 


  • Module 1: Personal Vision, Mission and Values
  • Module 2: Getting it Built
  • Module 3: Living in Community
  • Module 4: Hopes and Fears

Past Workshops

“Is Cohousing Right for You?” January – February 2021

Cohousing Options Canada is once again hosting for a FOUR (4) part online workshop series of learning, discovery and reflection.


  • January 14th (7-9 pm): Module 1: Personal Vision, Mission and Values
  • January 21st (7-9 pm): Module 2: Getting it Built
  • January 28th  (7-9 pm): Module 3: Living in Community
  • February 4th (7-9 pm): Module 4: Hopes and Fears

“Is Cohousing Right for You?” October – November 2020

Cohousing Options Canada hosted another FOUR (4) part online workshop.


  • October 22nd (7-9 pm): Module 1: Personal Vision, Mission and Values
  • October 29th (7-9 pm): Module 2: Getting it Built
  • November 5th  (7-9 pm): Module 3: Living in Community
  • November 12 (7-9 pm): Module 4: Hopes and Fears

“Is Cohousing Right for You?” August – September 2020

Cohousing Options Canada and Cohousing Hamilton delivered a FOUR (4) part online workshop.

  • August 20th (7-9 pm): Module 1: Personal Vision, Mission and Values
  • August 27th (7-9 pm): Module 2: Getting it Built
  • September 3rd (7-9 pm): Module 3: Living in Community
  • September 10th (7-9 pm): Module 4: Hopes and Fears

Cohousing 102: Taking Action, Taking Risks – June 21st, 2020 (1-3 pm): 

Now on YouTube, WATCH HERE!

Cohousing 101 – with an introduction to existing communities in Ontario – May 31, 2020

On May 31, Kristopher Stevens, Executive Director of Cohousing Options Canada gave an introduction to cohousing and its origins to over 120 zoom call attendees. Members of Cohousing Hamilton, Cohabitat Sweetfern Cohousing (Sudbury) and Cohousing Toronto provided an overview of their community, explained where they are in the development process and how people can get involved. In order to participate, Cohousing Options had asked participants for a donation to the cohousing groups’ local food banks. Together we raised $1,500.  Missed the workshop? No problem. You will find the workshop presentation here.  The webinar recording is available on YouTube.

Cohousing 101 (Sudbury, ON)

“Cohousing 101” is a two hour presentation that gives insight into the “what and why” of cohousing and the process that leads from the idea to the community that is ready to move in.

Is Cohousing Right For You? (Sudbury, ON)

“Is Cohousing Right For You?” is an intensive full-day workshop helping people understand the principles and awesomeness of cohousing. This workshop is a deep dive into cohousing.

Cohousing 101 (Beamsville, ON)

Cohousing Options Canada gave a Cohousing 101 presentation in Beamsville, Ontario, explaining how cohousing could provide added value to and foster an existing community.

Successfully Attracting And Retaining Members: A Holistic Communications Workshop (Sudbury, ON)

Most cohousing groups struggle with finding a simple and compelling way to explain the idea of cohousing, with attracting and retaining members as well as with organizing and hosting effective information meetings and events. Cohousing Options Canada has developed an easy process that allows cohousing groups to develop a custom-designed communications strategy which will help them meet their targets. One part of this process is a communications workshop which leads to the development of concrete tools and actions. Each communications workshop is developed according to the group’s – our client’s – specific needs. They are generally dedicated exclusively to the cohousing group we are working with. If you are interested in a communications workshop or if you need coaching on specific communications issues, please contact us 

Getting it Built: A Cohousing Development Workshop

Cohousing pioneers Kathryn McCamant and Charles Durrett delivered their Getting it Built: A Cohousing Development Workshop with Cohousing Options Canada (formerly CoLiving Canada) on January 26th & 27th, 2019 in Toronto. This was their first workshop in Eastern Canada. The workshop focused on the essentials of cohousing development and provided 30 participants with the toolkit and resources to move from initial conversations to the first steps of development.

Senior’s Cohousing & Other Strategies For Ageing Successfully (10 part)

Are you concerned about the threat of isolation, being a burden on your family, safety and security, your financial savings, health care or whether you will be able to do the things and activities that are important to you?

Many of us would like to live more simply, be more connected to others, and experience a community of peers that is geared towards fulfillment, vitality and life-long learning.

Coliving Canada hosted a 10 week interactive and engaging workshop series focused on how to:

  • Age in place successfully.
  • Understand the economics of senior living choices.
  • Take charge of co-care, co-healing, and outside assistance.
  • Strengthen the bond between body and soul, individual and community.
  • Appreciate the interlocking roles of community life and quality of life.
  • Work effectively to achieve common goals.
  • Create a meaningful living legacy that transcends the generations.