“We’re run by consensus. How can we switch to sociocracy (Dynamic Governance)?”

Sociocracy is used by dozens of communities (82 are listed on ic.org with “sociocracy” as their governance system) – for good reasons:

  • Communities have egalitarian roots – everyone’s voice matters.
  • They are built on trust and the ethos of working together to manage the community themselves.

The sweet spot between an egalitarian decision-making system that allows groups to be productive and clear in their decision-making systems is where sociocracy is strong.

In this webinar, we will show how sociocracy works in communities that are already established. Many built communities run by consensus – and many of those communities have members who are unhappy with the system and would like to switch to sociocracy. Maybe because General Meetings generate too much conflict and burn-out, or because people get tired of making proposals that then get taken apart.

What’s in the way?

  • Understanding the differences: what are the key changes from consensus to a sociocratically run community?
  • What to expect: what about the people who are against changing the current system? Who don’t like sociocracy?
  • Logistics: where does one start to make such a transition? How have others done it? What do we need to learn?

Disclaimer: attending this webinar is by far not a guarantee for success. We don’t have the magic fix. We really really wished we did! All we have is a significant amount of experience with these dynamics – and we’ll tell you all we know!

(Not part of a built community? See our webinar for forming communities.)


This introduction will be taught by Jerry Koch-Gonzalez and Ted Rau, both staff in Sociocracy For All, and authors of the sociocracy handbook Many Voices One Song. They both live in a cohousing community that switched from consensus to sociocracy.