You are invited to join Cohousing Options Canada for a FOUR (4) part online workshop series of learning, discovery and reflection where you will find out:

  • What cohousing is and how it maximizes privacy AND access to community.
  • Whether cohousing could help you realize your best vision of your future life.
  • What it is like living in a cohousing neighbourhood.
  • What it takes financially and skills wise to develop and live in cohousing.
  • How to join a cohousing community.
  • How to get your own cohousing community going.
  • Whether cohousing is right for you!

During the workshop you will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn and experience some of the skills used in cohousing groups.
  • Meet others interested in cohousing and people already living in community.
  • Find out how to join a cohousing community as well as how to start your own.
  • Ask us anything that has been niggling you or that arises during the sessions.